Published On: Wed, May 16th, 2018

League of Legends’ intense new tournament mode targets lapsed players

League of Legends’ new competitive tournament mode, Clash, goes live next week. Ahead of its full announcement, we spoke to Clash product manager Leanne Loombe about Riot’s hopes for the mode, as well as what they’ve learned about crafting a new competitive game mode from watching other League of Legends tournaments.

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PCGN: With so many other games vying for attention, how confident are you that you’ll see entire teams willing to sit down for hours a day going forward?

Leanne Loombe: We know it’s a large time commitment, but we’ve made Clash flexible so that you can play one, two, or three days. We understand that if you want to compete in the whole tournament that is a three-day commitment. During a lot of the betas, we did many evaluations on that particular point because that was an area of concern for us as well. During all of the tests that we ran, we’ve actually seen a very high percentage of players return if they’ve won, and if they’ve lost as well.

We’re pretty confident based on the tests that we’ve done that players are willing to put in that time commitment, especially if they win, but the surprise for us is how many losers actually come back and play again. I think because Clash is so intense, and people are saying ‘this is how I want to play’, that intensity is encouraging people to put in that time, and so the time commitment is becoming less of an issue because they’ve had so much fun playing in this mode.

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Are things like Clash and similar features an attempt to refresh/galvanise a community, or is it something to reward players who have stuck with League for a long time?


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League of Legends’ intense new tournament mode targets lapsed players